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AOA advances grassroots advocacy for medical student parity

Advocacy resulted in a prominent school of medicine reversing a decision that had excluded a DO from applying for a microsurgery and craniofacial fellowship.


The AOA’s latest Student Parity Advocacy Update covers ongoing grassroots advocacy efforts to help ensure equitable treatment for all members of the osteopathic medical profession. In one recent instance, advocacy by the AOA prompted a prominent school of medicine to reverse a decision that excluded an osteopathic physician from applying for a microsurgery and craniofacial fellowship. Following outreach by the AOA, the school rectified the situation and clarified existing policies with staff to ensure equal access for DOs and MDs.

We encourage members of the AOA who are facing professional barriers that impact access to training, licensure and credentialing to send us an email. Our team uses this feedback to advocate more effectively on behalf of the profession in areas that include:

  • Residencies and fellowships
  • Audition rotations
  • Universal acceptance of COMLEX

Read more about the AOA’s professional advocacy work on behalf of the profession.

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