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Moving mountains

Childcare during residency: Balancing two full-time jobs

Medical residency and parenting are both full-time jobs. Learn about how some DOs manage both roles simultaneously.
A life in medicine

In Memoriam: May 1, 2023

View the names of recently deceased osteopathic physicians.
Mental health matters

A candid approach to improving resident and physician mental health

Nearly 63% of physicians experienced burnout in 2021. This Mental Health Awareness Month, Alex Sher, OMS III, speaks to Harold Levine, DO, about EAPs and other resources to help improve physician mental health.
Improving well-being

Physician and medical student mental health update: Has the situation improved as the pandemic comes to an end?

After years of pandemic-related strain, physicians are finally experiencing some relief. Vania Manipod, DO, explores how physician and med student mental health has fared since the pandemic has eased.
The heart of health care

Child abuse pediatrics: Who we are and where we are going

Child protection teams experience emotional highs and lows each day on the job. Of course, this can be difficult, but these medical professionals are filling critical needs in medical care with every child they treat.
Professional updates

Applications open for volunteer leadership positions, DO Day 2023 updates, new OMT designation available

The AOA is now seeking volunteers for leadership positions, DO Day 2023 will take place this month and the AOA is now offering a new OMT designation.


"Attracting more people of color to support underserved communities not only boosts morale, but it actually increases positive medical outcomes."

Focus The benefits of pursuing research

DOs and medical students explain how research has helped guide them, and what to look for.