Resident Notebook

Yisroel Grabie, DO

From diapers to degrees: Parenting through medical school and residency

Medical school and residency are highly demanding. Adding the full-time responsibility of parenting only further complicates things. Two DOs share how they have successfully managed parenting through their medical training.

Private Practice

Stephanie Lee, OMS IV

How independent physician associations can make private practice more profitable

Hans Yu, DO, and medical administrator Malcolm Lee discuss how private-practice physicians can maintain their independence and boost their reimbursement by joining an independent physician association.

DOs to Know

Angel Green, OMS IV

What it’s like to specialize in hematology and oncology

Kristen Wendell, DO, a podiatry student turned hematologist-oncologist in Illinois, combines her unique expertise with her passion for research.

OMS Life

Anisha Jobanputra, OMS III

How to create a free OMM clinic at your COM

In August 2022, two second-year medical students helped reopen the NYITCOM OMM Community Free Clinic. Over a year later, the clinic's impact has exceeded their expectations. 


Jason Jackson, DO

3 things to try when you have advocacy burnout

Jason Jackson, DO, shares ideas on how to reignite one's passion for advocacy.

The DO Book Club

Tim Barreiro, DO

The DO Book Club, April 2024: ‘This is Going to Hurt: Secret Diaries of a Junior Doctor’

Author Adam Kay shares dark, humorous and heartbreaking stories from his time spent as a junior doctor in the National Health Service in the UK.

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"The grass truly is greener in private practice. Even though we are busy, we plan our own schedule. If I think this patient needs half an hour, I will make time."

Focus The benefits of pursuing research

DOs and medical students explain how research has helped guide them, and what to look for.