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AOA President William S. Mayo, DO: ‘Go forward with confidence and embrace change.’

Dr. Mayo, the AOA’s 2018-2019 president, plans to improve AOA board certification and member benefits this year.


The AOA’s 2018-2019 President, William S. Mayo, DO, is following in the footsteps of two other members of his 1981 graduating class at Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences (KCU-COM), which last week became the first class in AOA history to have three AOA presidents. The two other DOs from that cohort to serve as AOA President are Robert S. Juhasz, DO, and Karen J. Nichols, DO.

In his inaugural speech as AOA president, Dr. Mayo recalled his ascent from a young man in Drew, Mississippi, a town of 2,800, to being inducted as the president of the AOA, and thanked the many people who helped him along the way, including his family, friends and mentors.

Past and present AOA Presidents Robert S. Juhasz, DO, William S. Mayo, DO, and Karen J. Nichols, DO

“I’m assuming this presidency within our organization and profession in a strong position,” Dr. Mayo said. “Throughout our osteopathic history, we have faced many challenges … with that family effort we turned those challenges into opportunity that strengthened our profession.”

Dr. Mayo shared the three areas he will primarily focus on this year. They are:

  1. Improving AOA board certification to deliver solutions that are cost-effective and technologically advanced while being relevant and physician-friendly.
  2. Expanding and improving membership services that meet DOs at each stage of their career and deliver what they need.
  3. Cultivating and bringing together the osteopathic family.

“We absolutely recognize that to compete for members, we must offer an attractive product,” Dr. Mayo said, “and that starts with recognizing that this new generation of DOs … is coming of age during an era of unprecedented choice and consumer options and a higher level of personalization, customization and service.”

Promoting unity in the osteopathic family

Dr. Mayo stressed the importance of conveying the benefits of AOA membership to this younger generation, including raising awareness of the fact that the AOA is the only organization that advocates for and protects all DOs “when it comes to payer issues, licensure and practice rights in the U.S. and abroad.”

In order to promote unity in the osteopathic family, Dr. Mayo encouraged the AOA House of Delegates to show their osteopathic pride and to seek opportunities to strengthen and enhance the profession by continuing to be mentors, leaders and members of the AOA.

“I urge you to go forward with confidence and embrace change, and to dedicate your energy to expanding and supporting the osteopathic family,” Dr. Mayo said. “I will do all in my power to do the same.”

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