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In Memoriam: August 1, 2018

View the names of recently deceased osteopathic physicians.

The following list of recently deceased osteopathic physicians includes links to obituaries and online memorials if they’re available. Readers can notify the AOA of their deceased colleagues by sending an email to MemberService@osteopathic.org. View a list of past In Memoriam columns here.

Kenyon Robbins Behrens, DO, 63 (UNTHSC/TCOM 1984), of El Paso, Texas, died March 29. Visit Dr. Behrens’ online guest book.

Charles Clemens “Doc” Cunnick, DO, 92 (KCU-COM 1969), of McPherson, Kansas, died June 19.

Arnold Melnick, DO, 98 (PCOM 1945), of Jenkintown, Pennsylvania, died July 12. Visit Dr. Melnick’s online guest book.

Stephen Max Polland, DO, 78 (KCU-COM 1968), of Lone Tree, Colorado, died July 3. Visit Dr. Polland’s online guest book.

Spencer Schaeffer, DO, 79 (ATSU-KCOM 1969), of Natick, Massachusetts, died July 9. Visit Dr. Schaeffer’s online guest book.

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  1. First and foremost, Arnold Melnick, DO, was a righteous man. I was a student of his back in the 1980’s and he offered more than his title as dean of the medical school.

    When my husband and I were waiting to meet our adopted son at one day of age, there was a delay. He called us in to his office and sat us down. He couldn’t reassure us but he engaged us and relaxed us and made us feel incredibly comfortable in a moment of dread. And when we brought our son home, he and his lovely wife, Anita, supported us from afar and celebrated our joy with us.

    He was a strict dean and we oft made fun of his white belt and white spats and colorful outfits. He was a fair and caring man. In those days, applying for a residency in allopathic hospitals was nearly forbidden. Dr. Melnick supported my application with a dean’s letter, a hard to come by entity.

    In later years, when encouragement and support were unexpected, Dr. Melnick was there when I had a stroke. And he did all these things for every student, depending on their needs.

    Because of Dr. Melnick, rural health care in South Florida was enhanced by the participation of students from the then, Southeastern College of Osteopathic Medicine.

    He wrote and published a library of articles, mostly about writing for medical journals. He did groundbreaking work. He worked hard. He made us work hard. Dr. Melnick made us all better doctors, better community members, better parents and better people.

    I shall miss him and I will savor his memory every time I see my son.

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