Health 3.0

Parody music video captures the frustrations today’s physicians face

ZDoggMD remixes the hit song “7 years” as a chronicle of a career in medicine—and the challenges involved.


Internet sensation Zubin Damania, MD, also known as ZDoggMD, parodied pop band Lukas Graham’s hit, “7 Years,” to express his frustrations with practicing medicine in the current health care system.

ZDoggMD’s “7 Years (A Life In Medicine)” echoes many physicians’ concerns about rising burnout and a general frustration with administrative tasks today’s physician must face. The video serves as ZDoggMD’s call for all physicians to work together to revitalize the patient-physician relationship.

“7 Years (A Life In Medicine)” by ZDoggMD.

“7 Years (A Life In Medicine)” presents what ZDoggMD sees as three eras of medicine:

  • Health 1.0: Physician-patient relationship is upheld; however medicine is lacking an evidence base.
  • Health 2.0: Physicians practice evidence-based medicine but are burdened by increased administrative demands.
  • Health 3.0: The future of medicine, where the best of Health 1.0 and Health 2.0 are actualized.

Learn more about ZDoggMD on his website.

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