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Doctors That DO campaign highlights four new DOs

After a nationwide search, four DOs have been chosen to appear in the Doctors That Do brand campaign refresh.

The Doctors That DO national brand campaign, which aims to raise awareness of DOs and the unique, holistic care they provide, has launched four new faces to feature in ads.

The following DOs were chosen after a nationwide search was conducted to find practicing DOs that live the osteopathic philosophy.

Paul Saenz, DO, sports medicine

Mikhail “Doctor Mike” Varshavski, DO, family medicine

Octavia Cannon, DO, ob-gyn

Adena Leder, DO, neurology

The primary goal of the campaign is to increase the awareness and consideration of DOs among health-conscious consumers. The campaign also seeks to increase the engagement with the campaign and “Find Your DO” searches.

Since launching three years ago, the campaign has achieved hundreds of millions of impressions. Just last year, it accomplished 320 million total brand impressions.

As of December 2017, the consumer website has had more than 1.7 million visits and over 787,000 “Find Your DO” profile views since launching in October 2015.

Updates to the campaign in its third year

The campaign will use a combination of tactics including print, digital and paid search to reach its goals.

Print outreach has been brought to the forefront. Doctors That DO print ads will run in six top-tier national publications throughout 2018: Women’s Health, Men’s Health, People, Parents, WebMD and O Magazine.

The campaign will also include two new digital platforms, Pandora and Youtube.

An estimated 170 million people listen to online radio these days. Pandora has the scale and targeting to reach an active and health-involved audience who might be looking for a physician.

Video ads will appear on YouTube, the world’s largest video search platform, and on video partner sites and apps across the Google Display Network. Videos will play before, during or after other content.

Look for the four new faces at your local newsstand in 2018!

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