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National Women Physicians Day is Feb. 3

On Feb. 3, physicians across the country will celebrate women in medicine.

First observed last year, National Women Physicians Day (NWPD) commemorates the birthday of Elizabeth Blackwell, MD, the first woman in the United States to become an MD. On Feb. 3, women physicians around the country will honor her journey and celebrate the accomplishments of female physicians while raising awareness of the work still to be done.

Did you know that when Andrew Taylor Still, MD, DO, founder of osteopathic medicine, opened the first osteopathic medical school in 1892, he allowed women to enroll in classes? In 1894, A.T. Still’s first graduating class contained five women. The osteopathic medical profession still supports diversity and inclusion 125 years later.

On Feb. 3, National Women Physicians Day, The DO will be sharing an interview with NWPD founder Hala Sabry, DO, and other women physicians who will be discussing the importance of this day. If you’re interested in getting involved, you can create and share social posts using the hashtags #NWPD, #IAmBlackwell and #WomenDocsInspire.

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