Going viral

Coverage of JAOA kidney stone roller coaster study spans the globe

Nearly 850 news reports and counting, including the Today Show’s, have shared the study’s findings on roller coaster rides and kidney stone relief.


News is spreading across the country and around the world about David Wartinger, DO, and his findings that moderate roller coaster rides can lead to the passage of small kidney stones.

So far, the results of the study published in The Journal of the American Osteopathic Association have appeared in roughly 850 news reports, including about 140 broadcasted news segments.

After a patient reported passing a kidney stone each time he rode Big Thunder Mountain Railroad at Disney World in Orlando, Florida, Dr. Wartinger began investigating the impact of moderate roller coasters on kidney stones.

Along with co-author Marc Mitchell, DO, he created a 3D renal model containing urine and actual kidney stones. Dr. Wartinger then secured the model in a backpack and rode several roller coasters at Disney World, gathering data on whether the impact of the coasters dislodged the stones.

Media outlets that covered the study include:

Read the JAOA study to learn more.

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