Fresh start

It’s a new day at The DO!

The new publication, written by DOs, for DOs, is focused on topics that are relevant to today’s DOs and medical students and the issues they want to discuss.


It is truly an honor and a privilege to have been selected as the Editor in Chief of The DO. The DO stands out as the source of news for the latest in health care and issues that pertain to the osteopathic medical community. The team at The DO has done a remarkable job delivering high-quality news articles and stories, so I am excited to take on this new position to build upon what they have established while also leading our publication in a new direction.

I recall the first piece I wrote for The DO in 2016 as an eager, early-career psychiatrist wanting to motivate fellow DOs and DO students to share, promote, and educate the public about the osteopathic medical profession. That same level of enthusiasm, if not more, persists in me today to promote the voice of all of you, my fellow DOs, in this publication.

The new vision for The DO is a publication that is fully focused on DOs and osteopathic medical students – the topics that are relevant to you.

In my work, I’ve never been one to shy away from pushing the boundaries, sharing outside-the-box opinions, and challenging norms in medicine. After all, as DOs, it is inherent in our profession’s origins of creation by our founder, A.T. Still, DO, MD, to revolutionize traditional practices. As DOs, we are innovative, and the decision to rebrand The DO is a sign of that attribute.

Fully focused on DOs and osteopathic medical students

I am excited to share that the new vision for The DO is a publication that is fully focused on DOs and osteopathic medical students – the topics that are relevant to you; the issues you want to discuss; the good, the bad, and the controversial about being a physician and student in these modern times. A major way to accomplish this is by featuring articles written by DOs for DOs. With so many talented writers in our community, the time has come to bring osteopathic physicians and students on board to write content and share their expertise, knowledge and experiences.

The inaugural issue of The DO was published in 1960. In the ensuing years, the publication has grown and been recognized through many awards and honorable mentions. As the publication continues to grow via this revamp, we have made several other changes to enhance your reading experience, such as adding recurring columns that reflect some of the core interests of our diverse osteopathic community.

Content for each stage of medical training and your medical career

The new iteration of The DO covers topics relevant throughout each stage of medical training and your career, from med student to retiree. Also, to best capture the interests and voice of our profession, the team at The DO has expanded to include an Editorial Board consisting of 25 esteemed members (osteopathic medical students, DO residents and DOs).

Therefore, I hope you will enjoy this inaugural issue of the rebranded version of The DO and stay tuned for what’s to come. I’d love for you to also contribute to the publication’s growth by sharing topics you want to read about (please email, submitting articles or suggestions (, and commenting on posts. To put it bluntly, I want to hear from you. And I look forward to discovering the ways to best serve, inform and elevate the osteopathic community, which I am so proud to be a part of.

Revamped version of The DO to launch in early February

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