A new day

Revamped version of The DO to launch in early February

The nation’s most well-known publication focused on osteopathic medicine will now be written for DOs and osteopathic medical students by DOs and osteopathic medical students.

The AOA’s The DO has been the osteopathic medical profession’s go-to source for news and information about osteopathic medicine since 1960. Over its 60-plus years of existence, AOA leadership has periodically revamped and refreshed the publication to ensure its relevance to the osteopathic community. However, in recent years, the publication attempted to serve two communities simultaneously, healthcare consumers and the osteopathic community. Although we will maintain the patient-facing publication, The DO for the osteopathic community will be separate and distinct, sharing relevant news and clinical information specifically tailored to osteopathic physicians and medical students.

Last year, The DO staff began working on exciting updates to the publication, including bringing on a DO to serve as the publication’s editor in chief (EIC) and a 25-member editorial advisory board composed of DOs and osteopathic medical students. Together, the EIC, advisory board and The DO staff worked to create a new version of The DO more focused on osteopathic physicians and medical students. A publication written by DOs and osteopathic medical students for DOs and osteopathic medical students.

In early February, the first issue of the new publication will launch and be delivered to subscribers’ inboxes. The publication will not be delivered the last two weeks of January as the editorial team finishes up final preparations on the new publication.

“We are so excited for The DO’s readers to experience this new day of the publication, which will include predominantly DO-written content that is more tailored to osteopathic physicians and medical students,” says Vania Manipod, DO, The DO’s EIC. “We’ve intentionally put an editorial process in place focused on allowing each DO and student contributor’s unique voice to shine through.”

Dr. Manipod is an AOA board-certified psychiatrist in Orange County, California, who also writes about medicine, mental health and wellness.

In the revamped version of The DO, readers can look forward to recurring columns about advocacy, finances, medical school and the distinctiveness of osteopathic medicine, among other new content.

The DO has always been a valued and excellent resource for the osteopathic medical profession, and we are thrilled to have more DOs and osteopathic medical students involved in the production of the publication,” says AOA CEO Kevin Klauer, DO, EJD. “We think the publication’s readers will appreciate the greater focus on DOs and osteopathic medical students and find that the publication is more relevant than ever. We are #DOProud of the direction The DO is taking.”

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