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Timeline: A breakdown of the history of osteopathic medicine

As we celebrate 150 years of osteopathic medicine, explore the profession’s illustrious past and see how it is informing our present and future.


In 2023, the number of DOs in the U.S. reached nearly 149,000—a 30% increase over the past five years. A.T. Still, DO, MD, started the osteopathic medical profession 150 years ago in 1874. Since then, DOs throughout the nation have impacted countless lives, created 40 accredited colleges of osteopathic medicine to train future DOs and advocated for patients, among many other accomplishments.

As we celebrate the 150th anniversary of the profession in 2024, The DO is exploring the history of osteopathic medicine and how the profession’s illustrious past is informing its present and future.

The timeline below follows osteopathic medicine’s evolution from Dr. Still’s birth in 1828 to the profession’s 150th anniversary in 2024:

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  1. Michael

    The osteopathic profession was born in 1892, with the opening of the American School of Osteopathy. Prior to that, he was a solo medical practitioner who was developing a philosophy of medicine.

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