Taking action

Eliminating training barriers for DO students & residents

The AOA and AACOM recently convened a Student Parity Summit focused on advancing equitable treatment of all medical students seeking rotations and training positions.


The AOA continually works on behalf of the nation’s 38,000+ osteopathic medical students to eliminate challenges that adversely impact access to training opportunities. With the understanding that medical student parity is a top-of-mind concern for future DOs, the AOA joined with the American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine (AACOM) to hold a Student Parity Summit, which gathered leaders from national organizations overseeing medical education and training to develop an action plan focused on ensuring full recognition of osteopathic medical education and credentials. Learn more.

During the summit, participants identified several outcomes and next steps that are being advanced as part of a shared action plan that includes:

  • A joint statement outlining the workforce benefits of including osteopathic physicians in residency programs.
  • Meetings with program directors across various specialties to gain insights on current behaviors and attitudes.
  • Further data analysis.
  • Review of VSLO and ERAS filters and participation policies.
  • Plans for future meetings to identify additional opportunities for collaboration.

As these activities progress, we will provide frequent updates on our efforts. Together, we will continue to champion the advancement of our great profession and ensure a bright future for the next generation of osteopathic physicians.

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