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A who’s who of osteopathic leadership: View the AOA’s 2021-2022 Board of Trustees and Appointment Book

The AOA’s latest Appointment Book is now available to download.


The AOA recently welcomed new and old members of its Board of Trustees as it began the 2021-2022 year during House of Delegates. The full list of board members and more leadership appointments are included in the recently released 2021-2022 AOA Appointment Book.

The 2021-2022 AOA Board of Trustees includes:

  • Joseph A. Giaimo, DO (President)
  • Ernest R. Gelb, DO (President-elect)
  • Emily K. Hurst, DO (1st Vice President)
  • Jennifer Y. Kendall, DO (2nd Vice President)
  • Jeffrey D. Davis, DO (3rd Vice President)
  • Thomas L. Ely, DO (Treasurer, Imm. Past President)
  • Ronald R. Burns, DO (Past President)
  • Ira P. Monka, DO
  • C. Michael Ogle, DO
  • Sonia Rivera-Martinez, DO
  • Frank M. Tursi, DO
  • Bruce A. Wolf, DO
  • Julieanne P. Sees, DO
  • Robert S. Dolansky, DO
  • David E. Garza, DO
  • James M. Lally, DO
  • Robert G.G. Piccinini, DO
  • Shannon C. Scott, DO
  • Richard R. Thacker, DO
  • Kevin V. de Regnier, DO
  • Jennifer J. Hauler, DO
  • Robert W. Hostoffer, Jr., DO
  • Teresa A. Hubka, DO
  • Timothy J. Kowalski, DO
  • Geraldine T. O’Shea, DO
  • Chelsea A. Nickolson, DO (New Physician in Practice Member)
  • Vanessa W. Halvorsen, DO (Postdoctoral Trainee Member)
  • Ryan L. Williamson, OMS III (Student Member)
  • Selena G. Raines, DO (New Physician in Practice Member)
  • Simran K. Behniwal, DO (Postdoctoral Trainee Advisor)
  • Angela Pluguez, OMS IV (Student Advisor)
  • AOA CEO Kevin Klauer, DO, EJD, FACEP (Secretary)

Download the 2021-2022 AOA Appointment Book here. The book includes the full listing of the current members of the AOA’s bureaus, councils and committees, some of which are new additions. The Appointment Book is also accessible on, under “Leadership and Policy” in the About Us section.

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