3 pieces of advice for the new DOs in the Class of 2021

DO leaders share their insights with the newest group of osteopathic physicians.


Every graduating physician overcomes obstacles and makes sacrifices during their undergraduate medical education, but the new DOs in the Class of 2021 deserve extra kudos. This year’s graduates completed the majority of their clinical rotations as well as the residency application process during a global pandemic, which is no small feat.

The AOA Board of Trustees share their congratulations and words of wisdom on graduating in 2021 with new DO grads in the video above. Below are three pieces of guidance from the video:

“Your training is intense and intentional. It’s designed to help you develop your intuition. Always, always listen to that voice and trust your gut. It will serve you well.” —Jennifer Hauler, DO, AOA Trustee

“You got into this for a specific reason, and there are going to be times when you need to remember that reason.” —Caleb Hentges, DO, AOA Trustee

“Train others as you’ve been trained, and don’t forget where you came from.” —Richard Thacker, DO, AOA Trustee

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