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Advocacy opportunity: Participate in the #DOProud campaign

Proud DOs and osteopathic medical students are speaking up and sharing their experiences on social media.

Join other proud DOs on social media to raise awareness of the osteopathic profession.

The #DOProud campaign, spearheaded by two female physicians—Hala Sabry, DO, and Alyssa Cole, DO—along with the AOA, is an effort to shine a light on the 151,000 osteopathic physicians and medical students who are contributing to the health of the nation.

You can show your pride by downloading an overlay for your social media profile picture and/or by posting about your own experience as an osteopathic physician or student.

Overlays available

Wear your credentials with pride. You are a doctor of osteopathic medicine, and it’s time for people to recognize the education, training and experience that the DO designation represents. Add a special #DOProud overlay to your next social post/profile pic (options below) and show the world what a DO looks like.

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  1. Rebecca J. Bowers, D.O.

    What was the purpose of stating that the two doctors spearheading the campaign are women? Was this supposed to be extraordinary in some way, because it has nothing to with the article or being a DO. There are plenty of female DOs. If two male DOs had been spearheading the campaign, would you have written that it was two males? No, because the articles has nothing to do with gender. So, the question begs asking why the author thought it was necessary to mention the gender of these two DOs?

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