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Access to popular student loan repayment programs is at risk

Trump administration budget proposes eliminating Public Service Loan Forgiveness program.

The Trump administration recently released its budget proposal for the next fiscal year, FY 2021, which includes proposed cuts to important student loan programs that could help medical students and DOs pay off their student loan debt. The budget proposal also includes cuts to graduate medical education and the elimination of multiple health professions workforce programs.

Budget proposes eliminating Public Service Loan Forgiveness

The administration’s budget proposal would reduce domestic discretionary spending by 5% next year—including $5 billion in cuts to student loan programs in FY21 and $60 billion in cuts to these programs over five years. If the budget is enacted into law, the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program will be eliminated and funding for graduate student borrowing will be decreased.

Your members of Congress need to hear from you about how these cuts would adversely affect your ability to practice medicine and exacerbate the nation’s physician shortage. Find sample letters you can quickly send to them here.

If your legislators don’t hear from you, these cuts could become a reality. Advocate for yourself and the profession by writing your members of Congress today and telling them not to cut these important programs.

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