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Top 10 US cities for doctor compensation and pay growth in 2019

Six of the cities that saw the highest average physician pay are also on the list of cities with the highest physician pay growth.


Many cities that offer the highest average physician salaries are also seeing the highest rates of physician pay growth, according to a new report from Doximity.

The report showed data collected from Doximity’s network-wide compensation survey of 70,000 physicians and 27,000 physician jobs posted on the site in 2018 and 2019.

The salaries below are city averages based on the survey results. They are significantly higher than the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ reported median pay of physicians and surgeons in 2018—$208,000.

These are the top 10 U.S. cities for physician pay in 2019, according to Doximity.

Cities with the highest physician salaries, 2019
Rank City Average compensation
1 Milwaukee $395,363
2 New Orleans $384,651
3 Riverside, CA $371,296
4 Minneapolis $369,889
5 Charlotte, NC $368,205
6 Dallas $362,472
7 Atlanta $362,267
8 Los Angeles $356,390
9 Cincinnati $354,129
10 Hartford, CT $352,129

Six of the cities on the list above also made the list of the cities with the highest physician pay growth. However, Doximity’s list suggests that physician pay growth is nominal or flat in the majority of cities.

These are the top 10 cities for physician pay growth in 2019, according to Doximity.

Cities with the highest compensation growth, 2019
Rank City Pay growth %
1 New Orleans 10%
2 Cincinnati 9%
3 Ann Arbor, MI 3%
4 Hartford, CT 3%
5 Riverside, CA 3%
6 Baltimore 2%
7 Atlanta 2%
8 Rochester, NY 2%
9 Minneapolis 1%
10 Charleston, SC 1%

To create this list, Doximity researchers analyzed its job postings in 50 metro areas.

Read the full report here.

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