Members of the osteopathic family at OMED 2018.
Baltimore highlights

OMED 2019 keynote speakers will focus on innovation in medicine, emerging technologies

This year’s speakers include entrepreneur and philanthropist Mick Ebeling and New York Times best-selling author Marc Goodman.

After being diagnosed with ALS in 2003, Tony “TEMPT” Quan, a legendary Los Angeles graffiti artist, lost his ability to create art. Mick Ebeling’s Not Impossible Labs assembled a team of hackers and artists, who worked together to create the Eyewriter, a device that allowed TEMPT to draw using only his eyes.

From there, Not Impossible Labs completed projects that helped a blind skateboarder navigate with his hearing and created a better concert-going experience for deaf people. They also built a lab to 3D-print prosthetic limbs in Sudan.

Ebeling, founder and CEO of Not Impossible Labs, was recently named one of Fortune Magazine’s World’s Greatest Leaders. His mantra of ‘commit, then figure it out’ allows him to convene a team of hackers, makers and thinkers to create devices that better the world through collaboration and by bringing accessibility to all. He will speak to DOs at OMED 2019, Oct 25-28 in Baltimore, as its Friday keynote speaker.

Joining Ebeling as a keynote speaker, Marc Goodman, author of the New York Times bestseller Future Crimes, will address DOs at OMED on Saturday, Oct. 26. After giving a highly rated talk at the AOA LEAD conference, Goodman was secured as an OMED speaker per member requests.

Founder of the Future Crimes Institute and chair for policy, law and ethics at Singularity University, Goodman is a leading authority on global security who advises security executives and global policymakers on the risks and opportunities of emerging technologies.

He was appointed futurist-in-residence with the FBI and also worked as a senior adviser to Interpol. He investigates the intriguing and often terrifying intersection of science and security, uncovering nascent threats and combating the darker sides of technology.

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  1. Lets not forget all those “Grandfathered” DO’s who have NOT had to continuously take the
    Re certification exams.

    Whats driving so much independence for NP’s and PA’s and other mid levels is the burnout of the current generation of DO’s who have to do much more OCC, and Re certification than the
    “Grandfathered” DO’s

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