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Top 10 gifts for doctors and med students this holiday season

We’ve found gifts sure to please any DO or medical student you’re shopping for or make a welcome addition to your own wish list.

Whether you’re looking for gifts for doctors or med students, or you’re completely at a loss for what to add to your holiday wish list, we’ve got options for you.

From practical and functional to quirky and esoteric, The DO staff has scoured gift guides and websites to bring you 10 fun, unique and thoughtful gift ideas for the holiday season. Happy shopping!

2018’s Top 10 gifts for doctors

(Tees Store photo)

1. DO Superhero T-shirt


It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s your Super DO! These handmade T-shirts from the TeesStore on Etsy are made to order in a variety of colors, fits and sizes. Show your favorite DO just how super you think they are with this playful gift.

2. “The Sawbones Book”

$22.49, hardcover

Sydnee McElroy, MD, and her husband, Justin McElroy, host “Sawbones,” a top-rated weekly podcast with over 15 million total downloads. In it, they highlight the amazing, amusing and sometimes gross journey “through thousands of years of medical mishaps and miracles” that are both entertaining and educational. They’ve turned their podcast highlights into “The Sawbones Book: The Horrifying, Hilarious Road to Modern Medicine.”

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3. JUST D.O. IT mug


Yet another riff off the iconic Nike slogan, this mug is the perfect stocking stuffer that will help your determined DO or DO-to-be get their day off to a caffeinated start.

(Medelita photo)

4. Scrubs jacket


Perfect for the medical pro who’s always cold, Medelita scrub jackets add a technical and functional extra layer that fits over scrubs. Jackets come in two styles—kinetic or ionic—and three colors—black, navy and gray, for men and women.  Free returns are available on orders over $50, and Medelita offers a one-year warranty that allows you to return your product for repair or replacement.

(Homesick candles)

5. Homesick candles


If the medical student in your life can’t make it home for the holidays, bring a part of home to them with the line of Homesick scented candles. Whether they’re jonesing for a state or a city, you can put someone in a better mood with Homesick candles’ scents that will trigger all the warm feels that make home, home.

(Lush photo)

6. Lush Handy Gurugu hand cream

$21.95 for 3.5 oz.

The perfect gift for someone plagued by dry, rough hands, or the physician who needs to constantly wash theirs. Lush’s buttery, intensive hand cream is made from peanut, cashew, almond and pumpkin seed butters and soothing essential oils. The thickest hand cream in the Lush product line also contains over 25% shea butter, which is sourced from a women’s cooperative in Ghana.


7. 23andMe DNA testing kit


For the doctor who is also an amateur genealogist, 23andMe is a consumer DNA test that offers a breakdown of your ancestry, with results becoming more refined as its database expands. Users get a personalized ancestry report based on their DNA in about 6-8 weeks.

(RAVPower photo)

8. RAVPower portable smartphone charger


No more running around when your phone loses its charge. This lightweight RAVPower device fits in the palm of a hand and will recharge the average smartphone at least once and maybe twice before needing a recharge of its own. The charger comes in three colors: black, silver or hot pink.

(NodPod photo)

9. NodPod weighted eye pillow


Know someone who works nights and needs to sleep during the day? Or maybe a person who needs to catch a few zzz’s while pulling a long shift at the hospital? This weighted eye pillow blocks out light while staying in place even when you sleep on your side. The company says its deep pressure touch therapy, which it compares to a hug or the swaddling of a baby, helps enable deep rest and relaxation. NodPods are lined with jersey cotton on one side and cotton fleece on the other, making them machine-washable and dryer-safe.

(Parker Clay photo )

10. Parker Clay sunglasses case


If you’re looking for a beautiful gift that also contributes to a worthy cause, take a look at Parker Clay’s luxury lifestyle goods. The company sells goods with the goal of transforming people’s lives in Ethiopia through social and economic empowerment. Their premium fair trade leather and hand-woven textiles are made in Ethiopia by skilled artisans. For other products, visit Parker Clay.

Bonus: DOs looking to show off their AOA pride can purchase an array of gear through the AOA store, including T-shirts, caps and baby onesies for the littlest DO fan in your life. Visit the full collection here.

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  1. A day with you friend or loved one completely off- no work, house work, no yard work, no phone calls. A walk in the woods or on the beach, some yoga and a healthy home cooked meal with a nice wine and no clean up. To make it fabulous – a massage added in!

    Time and peace of mind of mind are precious things.

  2. Give your spouse/significant other a treatment! OMT! EVERYONE deserves a treatment at every visit.
    Eliminate aches and pains dial down the sympathetics, just some soft tissue or even effleurage!

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