Holiday gift ideas

A holiday gift guide for medical students and DOs

The DO has rounded up the perfect holiday gifts for medical students or DOs, plus some ideas for the people on your list.


The holidays are here and finding the perfect gift can be stressful. Whether you’re a student eagerly waiting for match results coming in the new year or a DO working extra hours this season, we’ve got you covered.

5 gifts for the medical student or resident

1. Ostrich pillow 


Who needs to master the art of power napping more than a med student? You can help them out with the Ostrich pillow. No sticking their heads in the sand. They just slip on the comfortable, cushioned Ostrich pillow and go to sleep anywhere, any time.

2. Gaiam balance disc


It can be tough for busy medical students and residents to find time for fitness. With the balance disc, they can put their multi-tasking skills to good use by working their abs and improving their posture while sitting in a chair of their choice.

3. Doctors of Osteopathic medicine personalized leatherette portfolio

From $24

This handmade journal is laser engraved with the DO Rod of Asclepius. Made to order for the DO in your life. Gift message available.

4. Littman stethoscope


This classic stethoscope never goes out of style and it can be engraved for an extra fee.

5. “When Breath Becomes Air”


“When Breath Becomes Air” is the New York Times #1 bestseller by Paul Kalanithi, MD. The memoir, which was published posthumously, was a finalist for the 2017 Pulitzer Prize in autobiography. Written by famed young neurosurgeon Dr. Paul Kalanithi as he comes to grips with his terminal diagnosis, the memoir attempts to answer the question: What makes a life worth living? A powerful read for anyone who focuses on nurturing health and saving lives.

5 gifts from the busy med student

Pressed for time and money? No idea what to get your giftees at the last minute? We’ve got some ideas for you too.

1. Rabbit Skins infant fine jersey onesie

$18/$15 members

New baby in the family? Show your DO pride with this soft and adorable onesie that is made of 100% combed ringspun cotton fine jersey. Sizes range from 6 months to 18 months.

2. USB Cassette Mixtape


The art of the mixtape may be lost in today’s digital world but the concept lives on. Enter Milktape, the modern, new tech version of the mixtape. Forget texting your friend or loved one to tell them to listen to a song or album. Instead, drag and drop the digital music files you love and then decorate the cover with your choice of words and drawings. Includes cassette USB stick, clear plastic case, red Milktape cover, and white blank cover (for customization).

3. Cratejoy subscription box

Prices vary

If you’re stumped on what to get that particular person in your life, odds are that Craftjoy has a subscription box suited for them. Young, old, pet lover to Harry Potter fan, this subscription box retailer has curated gift ideas to suit nearly everyone you know.

4. Long-distance touch lamp


Show your loved ones that you’re thinking of them, not with a phone call or text but with the power of touch. These wi-fi enabled lamps use capacitive sensing to illuminate another connected lamp anywhere around the world with a simple tap.

5. Fidget blocks


Fidget spinners are so last season. The size of a deck of cards, give the twiddler in your life this fun and entertaining gift that will help with everything from de-stressing to meditating away writer’s block. Inspired by Tangrams, two-dimensional puzzles from ancient China, these linked blocks are addictive and perfect for any age.

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