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Physician groups lobby lawmakers on Senate health care bill

AOA president Boyd R. Buser, DO, joins other physician leaders on Capitol Hill on Wednesday.

Presidents of six physician organizations representing more than half a million of America’s frontline physicians spent Wednesday on Capitol Hill educating members of the Senate about the damage they say the Better Care Reconciliation Act (BCRA) would bring to patients.

AOA President Boyd R. Buser reaffirmed the policy-based positions adopted by osteopathic physicians.

“DOs understand that controlling the cost of health care is a top priority in our collective effort to improve our nation’s health care system,” Dr. Buser said. “As patient advocates, we cannot accept that under the current Senate bill patients in need will no longer have the coverage they require to access health care services.

“The AOA recognizes the many challenges our current health care system faces and is supportive of efforts to improve it. But we can see that this bill exacerbates the shortcomings of the current law and will harm millions of Americans, especially the most vulnerable populations who depend on Medicaid.”

Following the meetings, the six presidents hosted a tele-press conference to answer reporters’ questions about the new bill and its implications for patient care.

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