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In Memoriam: Brandon Rogers, DO, ‘America’s Got Talent’ contestant

Dr. Rogers was a PCOM grad, “Riverside’s singing doctor” and once shared the stage with Boyz II Men.

Brandon Rogers, DO, 29, passed on June 11, 2017, as a result of a tragic car accident. Dr. Rogers completed an internship at Southampton Hospital in 2016 and was in his family medicine residency at Riverside Brentwood Medical Center in Virginia. Dr. Rogers is a graduate of the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine.

Known as “Riverside’s singing doctor,” Dr. Rogers was a contestant for “America’s Got Talent” after the show’s producers discovered a video of him covering “On Bended Knee” by Boyz II Men. Dr. Rogers’ buzz led to a performance with Boyz II Men in January, according to news reports.

Dr. Rogers’ colleague, Rajeev Santiago Fernando, MD, has created a GoFundMe page to help the Rogers family at this devastating time.

Dr. Rogers is survived by his grandfather Clifford Jackson and his grandmother Annie B. Rogers; Big Momma, Ellen Smith; and his parents Danni, Sr. and Carmelita Rogers; his brother Danni, Jr., sister Christian Rogers; and cousin Terrence Jackson.

Please visit the J.T. Fisher Funeral Services website for more information about Dr. Rogers.

Brandon Rogers, DO, performs on stage with Boyz II Men.
Editor’s note: This story was updated July 13, 2017, to add Dr. Rogers’ America’s Got Talent audition video to the page.


  1. My heart goes out first to the family. I just watched the America’s Got Talent episode where he sang and I know he would have gone far in that competition. More importantly, though, I had a feeling from listening to him that he was a D.O. (as was my late husband) – the greater loss is to his patients. What a beautiful shining soul.

  2. I’m so sad to hear of Brandon Rogers passing. Such a talented and amazing young man! He will be missed. May God bless Brandon’s family and friends during this time,, Heaven is getting another Angel! RIP Brandon.

  3. I just heard Brandon tonight on AGT and then saw that he had passed in June. He touched me so deeply with his story and then that beautiful voice of his and gone at 29 yrs. of age. my heart is broken to lose such a wonderful soul. I have been crying since I saw it on AGT. I will pray for his family. I can’t see to type any longer. God Bless

  4. He is with God. May God bless his family. He had an incredible voice & to be a physician that helped people, what a remarkable human being.

  5. Life is truly a mystery and it is all in God’s hands. HE has good plans for Dr. Brandon Rogers and now the good doctor has been given wings to fly. Such a wonderful man and we hope there will be more like him. Such an inspiration. May his soul rest in peace.

  6. How can someone you have never met have a profound meaning to your own life? Thank you for Brandon. Peace to the family.

  7. I watched AGT and was so moved by Dr Rodgers, his singing and just how wonderful he was. I could not believe at the end what I saw, all night I was up thinking about his family and praying for them.May God comfort his family and may his soul RIP

  8. God’s angel that he loaned to the world for a short period of time. May he walk with Jesus and sing with the angels. “Rest in peace and good night sweet prince”. To the parents, “What a wonderful job you did and may your memories of Brandon always be wondeful as he appeared to be”.

  9. “To be absent from the body; is to be present with the Lord.” Dr Brandon Rogers was God’s special gift which we all got to witness when AGT recently aired his amazing performance. He served the community as a physician and shared joy with the world through his music. Sending Prayers of Sympathy, Condolence and Strength to his family. May he Rest Peacefully in God’s Eternal Light. #LoveNeverDies

  10. I was watching the show because I tape it from last week and when I saw dividing my mouth could not close I could even believe what I saw I am so sorry for the family it’s almost 12:30 and I can’t even sleep I’m thinking about his mother the way they were talking you finish singing he got a beautiful voice and he got a beautiful soul you can see that I know God have a special place for him and he’s watching over his family right now and Singing.

  11. A friend sent his AGT video to my facebook account and I did some search on him and was amazed at his pure, raw talent.
    He blessed everyone that heard his gift. Even here in The Bahamas, we have a great appreciation for his double talent, helping people and healing them through song……..

    1. Brandon is just sleeping until this old wicked system is done away with. Then Jehovah God will call out to all those in the memorial tombs and they will awaken to a resurrection of eternal life. All those who love Brandon and that survive this wicked world’s destruction will be there to welcome him back. This is a promise from God himself. Agape Brandon!

      1. Well said Elouise. . . The resurrection hope is what we all should be looking forward to. Brandon will sing for us in the very near future. We will not have to wait too long.

  12. Please read these scriptures as they are Jehovah’s own eords, the truth. I pray that they give you, the family and close friends hope. He’s sleeping and he will live again. John 5:29. Acts 24:15. Jehovah God cannot and does not lie. Trust his word because he is the essence of love, truth and hope that all of us can rely on 100%.

  13. I heard of Brandon passing on the news! But I just saw his audition on AGT, it’s so sad for someone so young and talented to go so soon, my hearth hurt for his family, it’s a trialing time now but prayers and time heals, and I am praying for you. God bless.

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