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The AOA supports revised ACGME common program requirements

The AOA’s president issues a statement in response to ACGME work rule changes for resident physicians.

AOA President Boyd R. Buser, DO, issued the following statement today in response to Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) work rule changes for resident physicians.

“The American Osteopathic Association supports the ACGME’s revisions to Section VI of the Common Program Requirements (CPR). The new requirements reflect the philosophy that residency education must occur in a learning and working environment that fosters excellence and promotes safe and quality patient care. The AOA, representing a profession devoted to the concepts of holistic care and wellness, strongly favors an emphasis on physician well-being.

New CPR requirements reinforce the patient safety framework already in place regarding total hours in clinical care and education, required levels of supervision, and the graduated level of responsibility given to residents and fellows as they gain experience. The development of these requirements was informed by substantial evidence regarding patient safety. The AOA is pleased that core requirements capping the total number of clinical and educational hours for residents and fellows have been preserved, with added flexibility for programs to schedule clinical and educational work hours with a maximum of 80 hours per week averaged over four weeks.

The AOA stands by the ACGME’s commitment to pursue a learning environment that serves the best interests of both patients and residents, and takes an evidence-based, whole-person approach to training the next generation of physicians.”

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