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In Memoriam: March 9, 2017

View the names of recently deceased osteopathic physicians.

The following list of recently deceased osteopathic physicians includes links to obituaries and online memorials if they’re available. Readers can notify The DO of their deceased colleagues by sending an email to MemberService@osteopathic.org. View a list of past In Memoriam columns here.

Ernest F. Bernhardi Jr., DO, 96 (MWU/CCOM 1951), of Harrisonburg, Virginia, died Jan. 12.

George T. Caleel, DO, 87 (MWU/CCOM 1955), of Oak Brook, Illinois, died Feb. 18. Visit Dr. Caleel’s online guest book.

Russell M. Crispell, DO, 90 (PCOM 1953), of Troy, Michigan, died Dec. 1, 2016.

John V. Dimanin, DO, 86 (ATSU-KCOM 1960), of Dearborn, Michigan, died Feb. 18. Visit Dr. Dimanin’s online guest book.

William F. Emlich Sr., DO, 85 (ATSU-KCOM 1958), of Centerburg, Ohio, died Feb. 1. Visit Dr. Emlich’s online guest book.

John E. Hodges, DO, 92 (DMU-COM 1951), of Carroll, Iowa, died March 17, 2016.

Ronald E. Johnson, DO, 74 (PCOM 1978), of Shawnee, Kansas, died Feb. 18. Visit Dr. Johnson’s online guest book.

David Andrew Jones, DO, 64 (KCU-COM 1980), of Topeka, Kansas, died Feb. 21. Visit Dr. Jones’ online guest book.

Toon Lee, DO, 89 (DMU-COM 1965), of McLean, Virginia, died Feb. 7. Visit Dr. Lee’s online guest book.

LeRoy S. Neumann, DO, 87 (DMU-COM 1959), of Farmington Hills, Michigan, died Dec. 26, 2016.

Paul M. Steingard, DO, 87 (PCOM 1954), of Phoenix died Feb. 27. Visit Dr. Steingard’s online guest book.

Charles Franklin Wilcher Jr., DO, 93 (DMU-COM 1953), of Vandalia, Ohio, died Feb. 8. Visit Dr. Wilcher’s online guest book.


  1. My father died September 11, 2016; his name is Gordon L. Lerch DO FACOP. PCO Grad of 1953. Could you include his name in your next publication and email me so I can show our mother. She is a graduate of the DO Nursing program from PCO in the 1950’s.
    Thank you

    1. Dear Dr. Lerch,
      Our deepest sympathies for your loss. We will include your father in an upcoming edition of In Memoriam and be sure to notify you. Many thanks.

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