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Life is short: Apparently only 115 years at the most

New research finds that human life expectancy may have reached its natural limit.

Hallmark can sell milestone birthday cards through age 115, but new research suggests the card maker can stop at that age. Researchers from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York found the natural life expectancy may have reached its limit.

The findings, published in a letter to the journal Nature, examined survival rates after age 100 and found the age at death of the world’s oldest people has not increased since the 1990s when the oldest age attained, except for a few outliers, was 115 years.

“At some point, everything goes wrong and you collapse,” explains Jan Vijg, PhD, to The New York Times. He worked on the study with two graduate students.

Instead of trying to extend humans’ life spans, Dr. Vijg recommends focusing on promoting healthy lifestyles so people can live healthier longer.

Learn more about the study in The New York Times.

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