Year in Review

Outgoing AOA president: ‘It’s a great time to be an osteopathic physician!’

John W. Becher, DO, reflects on advances in education, research and public awareness.


In his final remarks as AOA President before the House of Delegates on Friday, John W. Becher, DO, reflected on his year in office, noting the substantial progress the osteopathic medical profession has made in the areas of education, research and public awareness.

“Twelve months ago, I stood before you and talked about the incredible journey we were embarking upon,” he said. “We’ve elevated awareness of osteopathic medicine across the country—even internationally—and we’ve heightened our visibility and influence among lawmakers.”

In addition, Dr. Becher highlighted the profession’s growing emphasis on research. “We’ve increased our commitment to research demonstrating the value of osteopathic principles and practice and our holistic, empathetic approach to care,” he said.

Dr. Becher also acknowledged the transformative changes resulting from the transition to a single accreditation system for graduate medical education. He implored institutions and program directors to apply for accreditation from the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education and pursue osteopathic recognition. “In my view, this is the single most important thing we can do for our students, most of whom want to train in osteopathic programs,” he said.

Now is the time for the profession to begin paving the way for future leaders, Dr. Becher said. “We must plant the trees and, in some cases, clear the roads for the next generation of DOs to lead us. Then we must get out of the way and let them take the helm,” he said.

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