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Countdown to Rio: DOs preparing for Summer Olympics

Among the DOs who’ll be treating athletes at the Olympics is James M. Lally, DO, who’ll be participating in his sixth Summer Olympics.


In less than a month, athletes, coaches and health care professionals from around the world will arrive in Rio de Janeiro for the Summer Olympics—and several osteopathic physicians will be among them. One is James M. Lally, DO, an osteopathic family physician who’s president and chief medical officer of the Chino Valley Medical Center in Chino, California.

For Dr. Lally, who also serves as third vice president on the AOA’s Board of Trustees, it will be the sixth time he’s assisted with the Summer Olympics. As chief medical officer for the International Shooting Sports Foundation, Dr. Lally will be responsible for the health and well-being of nearly 400 athletes participating in Olympic shooting sports.

Joining Dr. Lally at the Olympics will be Naresh Rao, DO, medical liaison for water polo to the U.S. Olympic Committee; Rebeccah Rodriguez, DO, who will be running an Olympic training center; and Jeffrey P. Anthony, DO, who’s a team physician for the Paralympic Games.

“As a DO, I use osteopathic manipulative treatment to treat athletes who are experiencing pain, reducing the need for medication,” Dr. Lally says. “Working with athletes of the caliber that go to the Olympics is extremely rewarding.”

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