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Before you go: 3 things to know about hiring a locum tenens physician

Taking time off and providing care for patients don’t have to be mutually exclusive for physicians.


Summer might be halfway over, but it’s not too late to fit in a vacation. For physicians in private practice, a locum tenens physician can help ensure your patients receive care during your time off.

Locum tenens physicians, also known as temporary physicians, contract with recruitment agencies to provide medical services over a specified time period, according to the National Association of Locum Tenens Organizations.

CompHealth, a locum tenens agency, shares these tips to consider when hiring a locum tenens physician:

  • Work with an agency to find the type of doctor you want. The agency can find physicians who fit the profile of what you’re looking for in terms of assignment duration, scheduling and types of patients.
  • Once you hire a locum tenens physician, have someone available to onboard the new doctor and go over aspects of the practice, including the electronic health records system.
  • Be sure to bill insurers for services provided by the locum tenens physician. The agency will handle billing you for the physician’s time and paying the physician.

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