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AOA CEO: ‘People are looking for DOs like never before’

Adrienne White-Faines, MPA, highlighted the profession’s bright future in her remarks to the AOA House of Delegates Friday.


For nearly 200 days out of the year, AOA CEO Adrienne White-Faines, MPA, is traveling, sharing the message of osteopathic medicine with internal and external health care stakeholders. In her remarks to the AOA’s House of Delegates this morning, White-Faines explained that her travels have given her a front-row glimpse into how the profession’s rapid growth, distinctive philosophy and increasingly high public profile are combining to create a bright future for DOs.

DOs currently represent approximately 11% of practicing physicians in the U.S., White-Faines noted, but because 25% of medical students today are enrolled in DO schools, osteopathic physicians are projected to represent 20% of practicing physicians by 2030. It’s also a young profession, with 65% of DOs younger than 40 years old.

Beyond the profession’s numeric growth, DOs are enjoying increased influence in health policy.

The public is also gaining awareness of DOs and their unique philosophy, White-Faines said, noting that osteopathic medicine has had 13,000 tier 1 media placements this year and nearly 500,000 people have visited, which was launched as part of the AOA’s brand awareness campaign. “People want osteopathic medicine, and they’re looking for us like never before,” White-Faines said. “This is our opportunity to make a difference in every patient’s life.”


  1. Annoyed

    Too bad osteopathic medicine is being eliminated by the AMA merger – so sell out and let’s give into big pharma and crappy medicine.

    1. Educated

      The Single Accreditation System agreement is limited to the accreditation of graduate medical education programs. It does not involve other AOA activities such as certification, CME, COCA, etc. The agreement involves the ACGME and the AOA. It does not involve the AMA. Further, through this agreement all accredited programs have the opportunity to obtain Osteopathic Recognition. This is an opportunity for both DO and MD trainees to receive osteopathic education at the graduate medical education level.

      1. cynical

        This eliminates any opportunities for DO students to pursue competitive residencies. If DO’s don’t want osteopathic education, what makes you think MD’s do? If an MD can pursue osteopathic education, then there truly is no difference between MDs and DOs. COCA and the AOA need to get a grip on reality and give up the money making scheme.

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