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Students: Are you ready to navigate single graduate medical education?

Education leaders seek to answer your questions about the single GME accreditation system transition during a free webinar on June 29.


Do you have questions about how the transition to a single graduate medical education system will impact you as an osteopathic medical student? If the answer is yes, then be sure to tune in at 7:30 p.m. EDT on Wednesday, June 29, for the American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine’s (AACOM) student webinar “Navigating the Single GME Accreditation System.”

As the transition toward the single accreditation system now approaches its second year, AACOM seeks to equip students with the latest updates and resources. The webinar will feature speakers from the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) and the AOA.

Speakers include:

  • Boyd R. Buser, DO, AOA president-elect.
  • Lorenzo Pence, DO, ACGME senior vice president, osteopathic accreditation.
  • Stephen C. Shannon, DO, MPH, AACOM president and CEO.

If you would like to submit a question for potential discussion during the webinar, you may send it directly to or include it in the question and comment box when registering for the webinar.


  1. Frank Brettschneider DO

    So with the residency merger, all DO’s will be boarded thru the MD boards. What will happen to the specialty colleges of the AOA? Disappear? If all DO’s are MD boarded, will this lead to the dissolving of the Osteopathic Profession long term? This merger will have unintended consequences that will lead to the end of Osteopathy in 20-40 years……. my opinion. I cannot believe my AOA leadership did not see this coming. I mourn for our soon to be dead specialty colleges.

    1. AOA Communications Department

      Osteopathic board certification is not going away. When the transition to a single accreditation system is complete in 2020, DOs will continue to have the option to choose AOA board certification, and AOA board certification will also be open to MDs.

      AOA board certification will remain an important step DOs can take to reinforce their osteopathic training and preserve their osteopathic distinctiveness. AOA certification advances the standard of osteopathically focused medical care to improve patient outcomes and experiences. It’s also an important quality marker for patients, employers, insurers and regulators.

      AOA Communications Department

  2. Concerned Osteopath

    Read Norman Gevitz The DOs. You’ll see how so many fought for the profession just to be sold up river by our current DO leadership. I guess the MDs have won their long hard fought battle and will extinguish the DO once and for all. Sad day for all.

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