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In Memoriam: Oct. 15, 2015

View the names of recently deceased osteopathic physicians.


The following list of recently deceased osteopathic physicians includes links to obituaries and online memorials if they’re available. Readers can notify The DO of their deceased colleagues by sending an email to thedo@osteopathic.org. View a list of past In Memoriam columns here.

William T. Egglesfield, DO, 72 (MWU/CCOM 1970), of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, died Oct. 6. Visit Dr. Egglesfield’s online guest book.

Lloyd E. Eslinger, DO, 90 (PCOM 1952), of Macungie, Pennsylvania, died Oct. 3. Visit Dr. Eslinger’s online guest book.

Bertram Greenspun, DO, 81 (PCOM 1959), of Philadelphia, died Oct. 7. Visit Dr. Greenspun’s online guest book.

Gregory D. Harrington III, DO, 55 (MSUCOM 1987), of Battle Creek, Michigan, died Sept. 25. Visit Dr. Harrington’s online guest book.

Charles N. Jeck, DO, 56 (PCOM 1985), of Warminster, Pennsylvania, died April 26. Visit Dr. Jeck’s online guest book.

Leroy P. Kareus, DO, 76 (DMU-COM 1970), of Scottsdale, Arizona,
Sept. 21. Visit Dr. Kareus’ online guest book.

John E. Lisonbee, DO, 67 (ATSU-KCOM 1977), of Aguilar, Colorado, died May 19.

James A. McArthur, DO, 63 (MSUCOM 1979), of Rancho Murieta, California, died May 9. Visit Dr. McArthur’s online guest book.

Paul P. McCaffrey, DO, 65 (PCOM 1975), of Pueblo, Colorado, died May 31.

Daniel A. McDonnell, DO, 79 (DMU-COM 1962), of Bolivar, Ohio, died Oct. 2. Visit Dr. McDonnell’s online guest book.

Kevin L. Ripperger, DO, 59 (DMU-COM 1981), of Springfield, Missouri, died Oct. 8. Visit Dr. Ripperger’s online guest book.

Eugene N. Sands, DO, 93 (MWU/CCOM 1950), of Scottsdale, Arizona, died Oct. 2. Visit Dr. Sands’ online guest book.



    Thanks to Bill and Norma when i was in practice in michigan and they helped us on our decision Jo-An and i helping with our children.God Bless you both.

    1. johnstathakis

      Adam; where are you living now- its been awhile since I was in practice in GC. I always remember many of the physicians from GC. A recent death was that of Ernie Christensen from Livonia. Drop me a note,

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