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In Memoriam: Nov. 6, 2014

View the names of recently deceased osteopathic physicians.


The following list of recently deceased osteopathic physicians and students includes links to obituaries and online memorials if they’re available. Readers can notify The DO of their deceased colleagues by sending an email to thedo@osteopathic.org.

Louis F. Amalfitano, DO, 89 (PCOM 1954), of Lathrup Village, Michigan, died Oct. 4.

Michael S. Barry, DO, 62 (MSUCOM 1979), of Traverse City, Michigan, died July 16. Visit Dr. Barry’s online guest book.

Larry M. Belden, DO, 95 (DMU-COM 1947), of Phoenix died Oct. 16. Visit Dr. Belden’s online guest book.

Mark A. Bonema, OMS I, 23 (LUCOM 2018), of Lynchburg, Virginia, died Sept. 22. Visit Bonema’s online guest book.

Tracy Lee Conrad, DO, 49 (UNTHSC/TCOM 1994), of New Orleans died Oct. 24. Visit Dr. Conrad’s online guest book.

Michael S. Freistat, DO, 67 (KCUMB-COM 1974), of Kihei, Hawaii, died Sept. 17. Visit Dr. Freistat’s online guest book.

Lester N. Garwood, DO, 65 (WesternU/COMP 1985), of Eugene, Oregon, died Oct. 1.

Clifford A. Leavitt, DO, 86 (MWU/CCOM 1953), of Morrow, Ohio, died Sept. 27. Visit Dr. Leavitt’s online guest book.

George Mangold, DO, 95 (PCOM 1946), of Boca Raton, Florida, died Sept. 28.

A. A. Mannarelli, DO, 91 (ATSU-KCOM 1951), of Lees Summit, Missouri, died Oct. 28. Visit Dr. Mannarelli’s online guest book.

Sandee K. Matlick, DO, 56 (UMDNJ-SOM 1986), of Marmora, New Jersey, died Sept. 16. Visit Dr. Matlick’s online guest book.

Jonathan R. Moore, DO, 97 (PCOM 1939), of Greenwich, New Jersey, died Oct. 27. Visit Dr. Moore’s online guest book.

Michael J. Namey, DO, 61 (KCUMB-COM 1981), of Hermitage, Pennsylvania, died Oct. 4.

Anthony Raffa, DO, 103 (ATSU-KCOM 1936), of Tampa, Florida, died Sept. 30.

William B. Selnick, DO, 88 (PCOM 1952), of Clearwater, Florida, died Oct. 8. Visit Dr. Selnick’s online guest book.

Robert E. Suchert, DO, 86 (PCOM 1963), of Edmonds, Washington, died Oct. 9. Visit Dr. Suchert’s online guest book.

Donald Raymond Trepanier, DO, 85 (KCUMB-COM 1956), of Sterling Heights, Michigan, died Oct. 22. Visit Dr. Trepanier’s online guest book.

Jeffrey A. Wachs, DO, 55 (WesternU/COMP 1987), of Glenbrook, Nevada, died Oct. 6. Visit Dr. Wachs’s online guest book.

Joan M. Worthington, DO, 57 (WVSOM 1989), of Thomasville, Georgia, died Sept. 26. Visit Dr. Worthington’s online guest book.

Douglas J. Zinni, DO, 69 (DMU-COM 1977), of Mesquite, Nevada, died Oct. 22. Visit Dr. Zinni’s online guest book.

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