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Most and least stressed states in 2024, according to WalletHub

In 2024, Louisiana, Mississippi and Nevada are the most-stressed states, while Minnesota, South Dakota and Utah are the least-stressed states, according to WalletHub’s recently released list of the most- and least-stressed U.S. states.


Louisiana is the most-stressed state in the nation in 2024, according to a new report by personal finance website WalletHub. WalletHub compared the 50 states across 40 key indicators of stress.

Louisiana residents are dealing with one of the highest violent and property crime rates per capita, leaving many residents feeling unsafe. The state also has the third-highest separation and divorce rate in the U.S., along with the second-highest poverty rate, which contribute to financial and family stress.

At the other end of the spectrum, Minnesota is the country’s least-stressed state, according to WalletHub, which noted that its residents overall enjoy ample shuteye, good health and high credit scores.

Report highlights

The report noted that in general, Americans were most stressed about money, the economy and health issues, according to the American Psychological Association. As work is intricately connected to one’s finances, below are a few details about various aspects of working and health from the report.

Alaska, Texas and Wyoming residents report working the most hours per week, whereas those living in Utah, Vermont and Rhode Island work the least.

West Virginia, Hawaii and Alabama residents report getting the least sleep, while people living in Colorado, Minnesota and Vermont say they get the most hours of sleep per night.

Job security is reportedly best in Michigan, Nevada and Oklahoma, and shakiest in Mississippi, Connecticut and Kentucky.

Mississippi, West Virginia and Arkansas have the most adults in poor/fair health, while Hawaii, Massachusetts and Vermont have the fewest.

The most and least stressed states in 2024 (1 = most stressed)

1. Louisiana
2. Mississippi
3. Nevada
4. New Mexico
5. Arkansas
6. West Virginia
7. Alabama
8. Kentucky
9. Oklahoma
10. Texas
11. Tennessee
12. New York
13. Oregon
14. Alaska
15. Georgia
16. California
17. Ohio
18. Arizona
19. Colorado
20. Maine
21. North Carolina
22. Indiana
23. Wyoming
24. Florida
25. Illinois
26. Missouri
27. Michigan
28. Rhode Island
29. Washington
30. Montana
31. Connecticut
32. Maryland
33. Pennsylvania
34. Virginia
35. Kansas
36. Massachusetts
37. South Carolina
38. Wisconsin
39. New Jersey
40. Vermont
41. Hawaii
42. Nebraska
43. Delaware
44. North Dakota
45. Idaho
46. Iowa
47. New Hampshire
48. Utah
49. South Dakota
50. Minnesota

For the full report and to learn more about the methodology, visit WalletHub.

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