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AOA responds to ‘The View’ regarding misleading comments

“Comments implying that DOs are not medical doctors could not be further from the truth,” reads the AOA response to producers of the show.

As the representative body for the nation’s 186,000+ osteopathic physicians and medical students, the AOA works continuously to combat misinformation about osteopathic medicine in the media.

AOA leadership recently learned of some misleading comments regarding the DO credentials that were made during the Monday, Nov. 27 episode of “The View.” While discussing a report on former President Donald Trump’s health that was released by his personal physician, who is a DO, “The View” host Sunny Hostin indicated that a DO is different than a “medical doctor.” Watch the clip.

AOA President Ira P. Monka, DO, and CEO Kathleen S. Creason, MBA, responded quickly to set the record straight by alerting show producers and hosts to the misleading statement and providing fact-based resources to increase understanding of the critical role DOs play in the nation’s physician workforce.

View the full response sent to producers of The View.

“Comments implying that DOs are not medical doctors could not be further from the truth,” reads the AOA response to producers of the show, going on to say, “DOs currently make up approximately 11% of the physician workforce and 25% of all U.S. medical students. Our profession has grown 63% in the past decade and nearly 300% in the last 30 years. Osteopathic physicians hold positions in our nation’s top government, academic and medical institutions and are responsible for the health and well-being of millions, including our nation’s astronauts, President Biden and former President Trump.”

In addition to correcting the inaccurate statement, Dr. Monka extended the offer to appear as a guest on a future episode of “The View,” with the goal of ensuring that viewers are presented with a more accurate impression of DOs and the care they provide to patients across the nation.


  1. Michael. E Fitzgerald, former AOA director of publications

    The week before on “The View,” cohost Joy Behar made an even more incendiary comment than Sunny Hostin made regarding the health assessment Donald Trump claimed to have received. “Now he has this osteopath saying that he’s in perfect health,” Behar said sarcastically (watch

    In addition to the AOA’s response, viewers defended osteopathic physicians in the comments to both the Nov 21 and Nov 28 videos. Here’s an example:

    Nov 21 — @user-ww2rr2qt8g
    Joy Behar, referring to Dr. Conley (former physician to the past president) as the “osteopath” is incredibly offensive. Dr. Conley is an osteopathic physician (DO) with equivalent credentials to practice medicine as a physician with MD behind their name. Joe Biden’s physician is also an osteopathic physician (Dr,. Kevin O’Connor, DO). It is incredibly degrading and ignorant to go on national television and insult over 180,000 DO (osteopathic) physicians and medical students who work tirelessly to save the lives of Americans every day. Joy Behar owes the AOA and the osteopathic profession an apology.

  2. Carol S. Ramsey, D.O., M.P.H.

    Thanks for responding to misleading comments expressed on The View. The only truth here is that there is not enough information out among members of that public about what DO’s are and aren’t. I just heard someone when I was checking in a friend of mine at a local hospital that DOs are holistic practitioners. (Maybe partly true, especially in some cases, but connotes that they are not practicing the same type of science-based medicine as those with a MD degree). DOs need more PR out there, for sure. My degree is DO, but all of my residencies and boards happen to have been MD ones.

  3. Rosemary A Moreo

    This follows the comments by The View a few years ago disparaging nurses. I don’t know why they are still on the air.

  4. Daniel Trachtenberg DO

    I was one of the first 113 DOs drafted into the military in 1967. I found little difference between the MDs and us.I have DO and MD certifying boards. I am happy that the AOA is fighting to correct
    these misconceptions.

  5. Shamsundar Ramrattan

    False information is worst than ignorance. The Media has a responsibility to the viewers and the public .

  6. Thomas Cammilleri, D.O.

    I watched that episode where Sunny Hostin diminished the role of DO’s, and I was incensed at her ignorance and condescension. I was aware that her husband is an Allopath (MD) surgeon, which made her comments even worse in my opinion. As a DO who has practiced Family Medicine for over 30 years, it thrust me back to my early days, and I would love the opportunity to educate Sunny, Joy Behar, the rest of the hosts and their audience as to the role DO’s have played and are playing in the delivery of medical care in the US. Thank you for speaking out for all of us in the profession!

  7. OMS3

    In this day and age, osteopathic medicine’s principle “distinction” is an adherence to a dogmatic and pseudoscientific treatment modality with a poor evidence base. While misinformation and discrimination towards DOs is wrong, we will continue to leave ourselves open to it unless we reform our educational standards.

  8. Paul Mozen, DO

    While I will not diminish the hateful comments of “The View” I do feel the need to point out 1 thing. If if was not for the dishonest comments of Dr. Conley none of this would have happened. It is clear to anyone with eyes and ears that Trump is not in “perfect health”

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