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DO makes history as first physician to receive National NASA Public Service Award

Dr. Moomaw received the National NASA Public Service award in April from Bill Nelson, National NASA Administrator, and Vanessa Wyche, director of the JSC.


Dr. Ron Moomaw, DO, FACN, was recently awarded a medal for exceptional performance and vital contributions to the NASA mission as an aerospace psychiatrist. Dr. Moomaw is the first physician in NASA history to receive this award, titled the National NASA Public Service Award. Dr. Moomaw received this award at the NASA Space Agency Awards in April, from Bill Nelson, National NASA Administrator, and Vanessa Wyche, director of the Johnson Space Center (JSC).

“We are honoring our fellow members of our NASA family that are being awarded our agency’s highest honors,” said Mr. Nelson.

Originally from Sugarcreek, Ohio, Dr. Moomaw’s responsibilities at NASA include psychiatric assessments and continuous psychological support of the astronauts, serving on four astronaut selection committees, working with the International Space Flight Behavioral Health group, developing a Fatigue Management Service for mission essential personnel, and serving as the only psychiatrist providing outpatient care for JSC.

Dr. Moomaw was also a contingency first responder for Shuttle Flights STS 130 -STS 135 and 2020 Space X DM-2, the initial commercial aerospace company to launch NASA astronauts into space.

“It is a profound honor to be selected for this award,” said Dr. Moomaw. “I am grateful that I had the opportunity to work with NASA on the greatest adventure for mankind. Having come from the beautiful village of Sugarcreek, where everyday living included a full-time blacksmith, the dream of space exploration was almost science fiction for me as a child. I am incredibly fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with the NASA community of astronauts, engineers, leadership and our international working group that makes the fantasy of space flight a reality.”

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