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Osteopathic medicine in the news: June 9, 2021

Medical Economics, Politico and Marketplace recently featured DOs or osteopathic medicine in their news coverage.

Placing DOs in top-tier news stories and broadcast interviews has long been an AOA priority. Expert physician sources weigh in on the news of the day, as well as contribute research and perspective that sets the news.

If you are interested in being featured as an expert physician source in content produced by respected news outlets, please email Where possible, we will try to match your expertise with the needs of the media.

The following is a sampling of recent articles that feature DOs or osteopathic medicine. The AOA helped place DOs in some of these articles; others solicited a DO source without the AOA’s involvement. Additional news stories that feature DOs or osteopathic medicine are available here.

Marketplace: This story follows family physician Michael Kurisu, DO, who recently gave up his office and created a high-tech house call and telemedicine practice in Southern California.

“The doctor of the future is datacentric,” Dr. Kurisu said. “I don’t need nurses or [medical assistants] anymore. I need a data scientist who is looking at the data, who is looking at the trends going on, seeing where the red flags are, to go dispatch me. ‘Hey, you need to go make an intervention on this patient.’”

Medical Economics: A guide to the best financial strategies for medical practices quotes Naresh Rao, DO, a private practice physician who is also the founder and CEO of MAX Sports Health Inc. In the article, Dr. Rao stresses the importance of a practice’s billing department.

“If you did a service, and you don’t get paid for it, your payment for your time is zero,” Dr. Rao said. “You need the ability to be savvy when it comes to charging what’s appropriate, but also to know that insurance companies may put up roadblocks, so you need to have a really, really good billing system to deal with that.”

Politico: A recent roundup of Illinois political news noted that geriatrician Jay Bhatt, DO, MPH, received the Alumni Public Service Award from the Harvard Kennedy School. Dr. Bhatt previously served as managing deputy commissioner and chief strategy and innovation officer at the Chicago Department of Public Health in Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s administration.

Discover Magazine: An article about the impact of playing music to babies in utero quoted Thomas Dardarian, DO, an OB-GYN at Main Line Women’s Health Care Associates in Rosemont, Pennsylvania.

“Babies certainly do react to sounds; they react to music so we know that that occurs,” Dr. Dardarian said. “But because of compound variables there’s nothing proven in any study that shows [parents] exposing their babies to classical music in utero helps with IQ [or] helps with music ability.”

Yahoo! News: An article sharing surprising signs of anxiety included insights from Zachary Kelm, DO, a psychiatry resident at Ohio State University in Columbus.

Research suggests that dizziness is sometimes a symptom of an anxiety disorder, Dr. Kelm notes in the story.

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