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Residency programs in 4 specialties achieve 100% transition to ACGME accreditation

ACGME review committees accredit 10 additional orthopedic surgery programs and two more ob-gyn programs during recent meetings.


In the final year of the transition to a single graduate medical education accreditation system, 87% of all AOA-accredited positions in 2015 have achieved ACGME accreditation.

AOA programs that apply for ACGME accreditation are granted pre-accreditation status until they are approved by the review committee overseeing the specialty.

Recent ACGME review committee meetings resulted in favorable decisions for 10 additional orthopedic surgery programs, four general surgery programs and two ob-gyn programs. Additional review committee meetings are scheduled in the coming weeks.

The four specialties in which 100% of programs achieved ACGME accreditation are:

  • Neurology
  • Neuromusculoskeletal medicine (three-year programs)
  • Physical medicine and rehabilitation
  • Urological surgery

Four additional specialties—anesthesiology, ob-gyn, diagnostic radiology and pediatrics—are fully transitioned in that all formerly AOA programs have either achieved ACGME accreditation, are closing or have closed.

Approximately 87% of the AOA programs in the two largest osteopathic specialties, family medicine and internal medicine, have achieved ACGME accreditation. The formerly AOA-accredited programs have also added more than 1,500 training positions.

Osteopathic recognition

More than 215 programs have been granted osteopathic recognition by ACGME. Osteopathic recognition is a distinction that recognizes high-quality GME in osteopathic principles and practices.

The AOA is focusing its energies on assisting programs that are not yet ACGME-accredited, encouraging other programs to apply for osteopathic recognition and beginning a dialogue about “teach out” or transfer plans with programs that don’t become accredited, said Jim Swartwout, AOA senior vice president of education and accreditation.

“The AOA, AACOM and ACGME are ensuring that no residents are left behind when the transition is complete,” Swartwout said. “AOA has the authority to extend programs’ AOA accreditation until every single resident completes his or her training if their program is unable to achieve ACGME accreditation.”

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