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Wisconsin nurse arrested for allegedly posing as an osteopathic physician

Authorities have booked the nurse on suspicion of practicing medicine without a license.

This story has been aggregated from WBAY-TV 2 in Northeast Wisconsin. Find the full article here.

A nurse in Wisconsin was recently arrested for allegedly practicing medicine without a license.

Kyle G. Larson, a licensed practical nurse, posed as a physician under the name Kyle Ellis, police say. On his LinkedIn page, he stated he was an osteopathic physician.

According to police, Larson has been accused of giving medical treatments and dispensing medications without a license. Police believe his practice had only been in operation for a few months.

Larson was arrested after a patient tipped off police. He was booked on the following preliminary charges: Theft by Fraud, Possession with Intent to Deliver Designer Drugs, Dispensing Prescribed Drugs without a Prescription, Practicing Medicine/Surgery without a License and Unlicensed Practice of Psychology.

In October, the AOA and the Massachusetts Osteopathic Society reported a physical therapist assistant who was misrepresenting himself as a DO to the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Allied Health Professionals. The board reached a consent decree with the man, who agreed to stop using unearned credentials.

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  1. Paul Morris DO

    I suppose it’s good to see that those who wish to impersonate doctors are choosing to impersonate DO’s and MD’s equally.

    1. Harriet Fellows, DO, FACN

      Well said. At least the guy knows how to Manipulate the truth…is there a billing code for that?

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