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Learn more about discounted MHA, MBA programs during a Virtual Open House Sept. 11

Take your career to the next level without emptying your bank account.


The American Osteopathic Information Association (AOiA) recently joined Des Moines University (DMU) in Iowa and Saint Joseph’s University (SJU) in Philadelphia to offer significant discounts on tuition for DOs who are members of the AOA. The discounts are available for DMU’s online Master in Health Administration (MHA) and SJU’s online Master in Business Administration (MBA).

Join fellow DOs to learn more about these online programs during a live webinar known as a “Virtual Open House” on Tuesday, Sept. 11. Find out how you can stay in practice, learn for less and get a degree on your own terms from faculty and representatives from both programs. Register for the webinar here.

Take the next step toward improving your professional development with AOA Advanced Degrees.

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