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Medicine: The Musical theater and performance dates announced

The physician who composed the musical confirms a 14-show run in November.

Written and composed by a practicing dermatologist, Medicine: The Musical follows a group of first-year med students as they navigate challenges in medical education and their personal lives.

The musical will be performed at HERE theater in Manhattan from Nov. 3-18, 2018.

The musical’s writer, Michael Ehrenreich, MD, previously told The DO in an email that he hopes the musical will present medical school in a novel and accessible way to the general public.

“It’s not quite realistic—it is a musical after all—but I want people to get a sense of the pressure involved and how hard people work, and get the public to view doctors as people too,” he wrote. “Humanizing medicine goes both ways.”

Find more details on Medicine: The Musical, including how to buy tickets, here.

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