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Single GME accreditation: A brief update

Nearly 70% of AOA programs have obtained or applied for ACGME accreditation.

Additional AOA training programs have successfully achieved ACGME accreditation as the review committees completed their April meetings.

All AOA programs—residencies, fellowships and internships

As of April 30, 861 of 1,244 AOA programs, or about 70%, achieved or applied for ACGME accreditation. This is 86 more programs since the halfway mark of the transition in December 2017.

AOA residency program progress

The number of AOA residency programs that have achieved ACGME accreditation or submitted applications has also grown since the December 2017 midpoint. At that time, 667 of 862 residency programs had transitioned. Now, 83% of residencies, or 716 of 862 programs, have obtained accreditation or submitted applications. Thirty-one more programs are planning to apply.

“Among specialties, osteopathic internal medicine programs have led the way from the beginning in successfully transitioning to ACGME accreditation,” says AOA Immediate Past President Boyd Buser, DO. “Family medicine and emergency medicine programs are transitioning well, along with several other specialties. As we approach the end of the third year of this five-year transition, we’re excited to see so many of our larger programs and specialties setting the pace.”

AOA programs in anesthesiology, family medicine, internal medicine, neurology, psychiatry, physical medicine and rehabilitation, pediatrics, emergency medicine, urological surgery and ob-gyn made big strides in achieving ACGME accreditation.

Specialty Percentage of AOA programs with ACGME accreditation Number of AOA programs with ACGME accreditation
Anesthesiology 92% 12
Family medicine 69% 182
Internal medicine 84% 122
Neurology 81% 9
Psychiatry 76% 19
Physical medicine and rehabilitation 83% 5
Pediatrics 90% 19
Emergency medicine 77% 48
Urological surgery 73% 8
Ob-gyn 70% 26

Application status as of May 7, 2018

Osteopathic recognition 

Overall, 165 programs have applied for or obtained initial osteopathic recognition (OR). Of those programs, 16% are ACGME programs with no previous ties to AOA accreditation. While the majority of OR programs are in family medicine or internal medicine, programs representing 18 different specialties and subspecialties have applied for OR.

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  1. What about orthopedics, general surgery, and ophthalmology? I hear they are being given a really hard time with ACGME accreditation. At least in Pennsylvania, they are.

  2. The single GME accreditation will be the death of osteopathic surgical specialties and eventually makes AOA and osteopathic medicine redundant.

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