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10 stories about women in medicine: National Women Physicians Day, Feb. 3.

Read The DO’s most inspiring stories about the strides female doctors are making in medicine.


This week we celebrate National Women Physicians Day! The third annual day of recognition on Feb. 3 was founded by emergency medicine physician Hala Sabry, DO, in 2016.  It commemorates the birthday of Elizabeth Blackwell, the first American woman to obtain a medical degree. To celebrate the struggles women have overcome in medicine and the journey forward, The DO rounded up 10 of our favorite stories about women in medicine.

1. Empowering women one patient at a time, the osteopathic way

Shayna Mancuso, DO, is an advocate in action for women’s health and healing from the inside out.

2. Let’s narrow the pay gap: Female doctors may have better patient outcomes

Studies find that patients treated by women doctors may have better outcomes, yet female physicians are still getting paid less.

3. Q&A: The DO who founded National Women Physicians Day

Meet the woman who started it all. Hala Sabry, DO, explains why she feels it’s important to celebrate women in medicine.

4. New PBS documentary covers women in osteopathic medicine

The PBS documentary, “The Feminine Touch: Women in Osteopathic Medicine,” tells the story of women who rose above inequality to become DOs at the beginning of osteopathic medicine and the women today who continue the legacy. The film also won a regional Emmy award.

5. Academic medicine: This DO found her calling in the classroom

Stacey Pierce-Talsma, DO, is changing the practice of medicine one student at a time.

Barbara Ross-Lee, DO

6. ‘Courageous impact’: Barbara Ross-Lee, DO, trailblazer for women and minorities, retires

The DO talks with the first African-American woman to be named dean of a U.S. medical school about her impact on the osteopathic profession.

Caroline Kabel-Kotler, DO (middle right in pink), enjoys a vacation with her family.

7. Maneuvering motherhood and medicine: DOs share advice

Two DO moms share the rules they live by: Practices they say have made balancing motherhood and medicine less stressful.

8. Kentucky DO delays giving birth to help distressed patient

When another expectant mom needed help, Amanda Hess, DO, pivoted from patient to doctor in seconds.

9. In Anchorage, DO dedicates career to Alaska Native health

Ellen Provost, DO, uses epidemiology and biostatistics to improve public health in the Alaska Native people.

10. Motherhood and medicine: DO’s group for doctor moms has 65,000 members

Hala Sabry, DO, created the group as an effort to ease the pressure many women face to choose between being a mom and being a doctor.


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