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The best articles about DO veterans and military physicians

As Veterans Day approaches, The DO is recognizing osteopathic physicians who have served the country.

Editor’s note: This story was updated on Nov. 10, 2021, to share newer articles featuring DO veterans and military physicians.

As Veterans Day approaches, The DO is recognizing osteopathic physicians who have served the country by sharing some of our most memorable stories about DO veterans and military physicians. See below:

What AOA President Joseph Giaimo, DO, learned in the military— Dr. Giaimo continued a long family tradition of military service by joining the Navy after his medical training. The DO caught up with him to learn more about his time in the Navy and what drove him to serve his country and community.

DO leads University of Chicago military-civilian trauma training program— Lt. Col. Timothy Plackett, DO, MPH, is leading a program that trains Army medical personnel while providing critical care to patients at University of Chicago Medicine.

NASA’s top doc: A DO is helping launch the first human journey to Mars— J.D. Polk, DO, who was previously in the Air Force Reserve, has risen to the cosmic challenge as NASA’s chief health and medical officer.

Hero Next Door: Veteran shares her story of PTSD and recovery— In 2013, former Navy flight surgeon Meredith L. Perry, DO, spoke with The DO about her efforts to help others by speaking about her PTSD and her healing process.

What the military taught these DOs about patient care— Two doctors discuss how serving helped them develop as physicians, the contrasts between military and civilian care, and the lessons they took from the military back to civilian care.

OMT: The military pilot’s drug-free treatment option— In 2017, Lt. Col. Natalie Nevins, DO, and Capt. Matthew Puderbaugh, DO, spoke with The DO about how they used osteopathic manipulative treatment to help put pilots who would otherwise be unable to fly back to work.

The Military Match: 3 Q&As with a student who matched with the US Army— Sam Docksey, DO, participated in the Health Professions Scholarship Program in medical school and matched via the Military Match in 2016. In 2017, Dr. Docksey shared his insights on matching through the U.S. Army with The DO.

Space medicine Q&A: NASA DO on his upcoming Antarctica, ISS missions— A former lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Army, Richard A. Scheuring, DO, spoke to The DO in 2018 about his flight surgeon position with NASA.

In Memoriam: Edward M. Feldman, DO, trailblazing military physician— Edward M. Feldman, DO, was one of the first DOs to serve in the U.S. Navy as a physician and was nominated for the Congressional Medal of Honor for his service in Vietnam in 1968.

Military medicine: Keeping pilots in flying form— Col. Brandon Isaacs, DO, who serves with the Idaho Air National Guard, writes about how osteopathic manipulative treatment helps pilots.

Bullets fly and your neighbor gets caught in the crossfire. What would you do? Tim Bryan, DO, a U.S. special operations forces veteran, drew upon his military experience as a combat medic to create a training program to teach Philadelphia residents how to provide aid to shooting victims.

The Navy paid for this doctor’s medical education. Here’s how he fared. Jesse Shaw, DO, explains the ins and outs of completing a military commitment after med school, and how he navigated residency placement.

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