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PBS documentary about DOs goes up for national syndication

The Feminine Touch, a PBS documentary about women in osteopathic medicine, will soon be available for national syndication. Here’s how you can assist the effort.


The Feminine Touch, a PBS documentary about the history of women in osteopathic medicine, was released in April by WEDU, a Tampa, Florida, PBS station. WEDU recently secured a national feed of the documentary for early November; this means that any PBS station nationwide will be able to record the feed and schedule the documentary on their local channel.

Interested in helping raise awareness of DOs and osteopathic medicine? Consider sending the following message to your local PBS station. You can look up your local station here.

I am interested in seeing a documentary called The Feminine Touch: The Struggle for Equality in Medicine.  It was produced by WEDU PBS in Tampa, Florida and will be feeding for national distribution on Nov. 2, 2017, from 12:30-1:30 p.m. ET on PBS satellite HD05.  I believe this program is of value to our community and hope to watch it on (local PBS station).

Want to see the documentary before it hits your local station? You can also stream it online.

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