Innovation meets inspiration

Learn from the best: Innovative DOs to share their secrets

At OMED 2017, some of the osteopathic medical profession’s most creative thinkers will be discussing their work in a series of high-energy talks.


At OMED 2017, Oct. 7-10 in Philadelphia, the field’s top physicians will be leading cutting-edge talks on innovations in medicine and the critical issues affecting today’s osteopathic physicians. The TED-style talks will take place Saturday, Sunday and Monday in the Experience Zone.

Topics include: physician burnout, sports medicine, performing arts medicine, medical drones, and using hip-hop for weight loss, among others. Below is a sampling of speakers.

Disaster relief innovation

Italo Subbarao, DO, senior associate dean and chief operating officer at William Carey University, will provide a demonstration of his emergency medical drone, which was developed to provide access and supplies to otherwise inaccessible areas following natural disasters or terrorist attacks.

Creative approaches to physical fitness

Philadelphia’s Tyree Winters, DO, associate professor of pediatrics at Rowan University School of Osteopathic Medicine, will share an interactive demonstration of his hip-hop dance class, which was designed to get kids moving, sweating and in shape.

Naresh Rao, DO, Olympic Team USA Water Polo Physician for the 2016 Summer Games, will explain his goal-oriented approach to patient care based on his experience in sports medicine.

Sajid Surve, DO, of Denton, Texas, will discuss performing arts medicine and what primary care physicians should know to help musicians and dancers maintain optimal physical, mental and musculoskeletal health.

Jedidiah Ballard, DO, an emergency medicine physician at Augusta University and this year’s Ultimate Men’s Health Guy, will share his strategy for creating and maintaining a customized fitness and nutrition plan based on the proper balance of diet and exercise.

Wellness focus

Recognizing the importance of the mind for optimal health, Vania Manipod, DO, a psychiatrist in Los Angeles, will share tips on how to identify and avoid physician burnout.

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