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New app aims to make the med school selection process easier

(To) Where Matters, a free app, offers premeds a way to explore potential schools within the context of location.

A new app, (To) Where Matters, available via Apple, is seeking to optimize the med-school selection process by putting location info front and center in a person’s search.

App users answer questions about their weather, lifestyle, and other outside-of-work preferences. The app crunches that data and combines it with info on cost of living, cost of schooling and other practical considerations to recommend specific locations and medical schools, both DO and MD. Users can then compare schools in the app alongside info about various locations.

The app also offers location resources to future residents and practicing physicians, such as average physician income and loan repayment programs in different areas.

To learn more, check out the app website or its landing page in Apple’s App Store.

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