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5 tips to stay awake when you’re tired

Jedidiah Ballard, DO, shares his tips to keep pushing forward when you’re behind on sleep, whether you’re a medical student, resident or physician.

While getting adequate rest is essential for good health, it’s not always feasible to log seven to eight hours of shuteye, especially when you’re a busy medical student, resident or physician.

Jedidiah Ballard, DO, knows a few things about sleep deprivation. The emergency room physician, educator and former U.S. Army Ranger has had his share of sleepless nights.

Dr. Ballard, an assistant professor of emergency medicine at Augusta (Georgia) University, shares his tips in the video above on how to keep pushing forward when you’re behind on sleep. Keep in mind that adequate, restorative sleep is essential and these tips are to be used sparingly, not on a daily basis.

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  1. Take responsibility for your physical and mental health to avoid making potentially critical errors.. Don’t drive or make decisions that affect patients when sleepy. If you are drowsy…hand over the wheel to a qualified, rested, alert person, or pull over, and SLEEP! Your patients’ safety depends on it- every day.

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