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Kentucky DO delays giving birth to help distressed patient

When another expectant mom needed help, Amanda Hess, DO, pivoted from patient to doctor in seconds.

Amanda Hess, DO, had settled into her hospital room and was waiting for her induction and delivery when she overheard nurses talking about another expectant mom who needed to deliver immediately because her baby was struggling.

The other patient’s doctor was on the way, but realizing that every second was going to count, Dr. Hess stepped in and offered to help, according to an account shared on Facebook by Hala Sabry, DO.

In Dr. Hess’ own words, she “put another gown on to cover my backside, put some splash boots on over my flip flops” and ultimately worked with the medical team to deliver the woman’s baby.

Afterward, Dr. Hess delivered her second child, a girl. The heartwarming story has captivated thousands. Multiple news outlets, including the New York Daily News, the New York Post and WKYT-TV, have shared the story as well.


  1. Nice effort but remember; No good deed will go unpunished. Placed self in unnecessary legal jeopardy…if this had been in a litigious part of the country NY, NJ, FL, CA, IL, AZ…it would have been a boon to Lawyer’s . Had there been a unforeseen problem, bad outcome or if an issue presents in the future (didn’t become a Rhodes scholar for example) well I am glad I retired with no fouls. Can remember while at Ft Leonard Wood after returning from Vietnam, only Dr in house early am “…Any Dr. report to OB STAT!”…well there I was with a breech, thank God she was a gran multip. Pipers to protect head no bad stuff. Attending arrived, embarrassed but I had to answer to the Commander a few weeks later. I was only Capt. MC In house, on Ortho Staff Thank goodness for the OB Training – experience at Kansas City and FOH. Good luck in the future…I don’t recommend heroics. Respectfully Col Cloonan

  2. Doing what’s right during emergency situations rarely causes law suits. My opinion. When I was speaking to a Christian Business Men’s group in El Progreso, Honduras I mentioned the high cost of Malpractice Insurance. Everyone had puzzled looks when one raised his hand and asked:”You mean someone would actually sue a doctor”?

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