Standing by foreign-born physicians

AOA is concerned by immigration executive order

The AOA is concerned about the Administration’s recent executive order on immigration and the impact it could have on physicians and health care access.

The American Osteopathic Association today released a joint statement from its president, Boyd R. Buser, DO, and chief executive officer, Adrienne White-Faines, MPA, on the recent executive order on immigration:

“The American Osteopathic Association is concerned about the Administration’s recent executive order on immigration and the impact it could have on osteopathic medical students, residents and physicians’ ability to train and practice, as well as the continuity impact on the patients and communities they serve. The order may prevent osteopathic physicians, students and faculty from the seven impacted nations from re-entry to the United States.

Health care is a global interest, and the international exchange of talent, knowledge and resources is not only fundamental to improving global health, but also what has allowed the U.S. health care training system to be among the best in the world.

The American Osteopathic Association stands by its foreign-born physicians, residents and medical students who care for our nation’s citizens. The AOA is committed to protecting the legal rights of its international physicians, students and employees who may be impacted by this executive order.”

Concerned osteopathic physicians or students are invited to contact the AOA Member Resource Center at (888) 62-MY-AOA (888-626-9262) or for support, assistance and resources, including legal assistance, if required.


  1. Bert Bergland, DO

    Perhaps our AOA should avoid entering into such political battles. It might be wise to remember many of us voted for this POTUS. You do not speak for those of us who find president Trump’s EO valid and entirely appropriate, particularly since it is only temporary in duration. And, apparently it is being clarified to permit certain individuals, proper vetted, to enter and remain. As an AOA member for over 40 years, I must insist that our AOA employees and president decline to suggest ALL of us are “concerned.” We are not. Therefore, please add a disclaimer that these views are personal, and DO NOT represent the sentiment of ALL AOA membership.

  2. Don

    I agree that the AOA should not inject politics into its statements and particularly NOT represent itself as speaking for ALL of it’s members. Many of us did vote for this POTUS and feel that his actions, not only have been done previously by President Obama, but are entirely legal and necessary to protect the citizens of this country. The EO are temporary and will be modified as we establish effective vetting policies to ensure that VISITORS to our country are screened to prevent terrorist actions.

  3. George Wolters, DO

    How did the American Osteopathic Association become concerned about President Trumps executive order? Was there a vote among its members or board. Indeed, did any Osteopaths express a desire for a public statement in the name of the AOA? If so, perhaps members with the expressed concern could put their name to it.

  4. Charles E. Simpson, DO, MS, FACPM; Captain, MC, USN (FS)

    Try serving in the Medical Corps of any of the Military services. Knock off this victim stuff! Charles E. Simpson. DO, MS, FACPM. Captain, Medical Corps USN Flight Surgeon Retired,27 years Navy and Marine Corps service.

    1. Robert J Blok

      What does military service have to do with the AOA saying that they “represent” you when they do not?
      Keep your military service out of it already.
      I served and I want the AOA to stay the h…. out of the politics game as they do not represent me!
      Robert J. Blok, Sr., MS, D.O., FAOCA, Colonel, Medical Corps, US Army, Master Flight Surgeon Retired, 30 years service.
      Military Order of Purple Hearts

  5. Joe Terranova DO

    The AOA rushed to judgement and were too quick to make a statement. Then the AOA compounds the problem and makes it seem that this is the opinion of the majority of its members. However there is no evidence to support that assumption. An apology from the AOA to its members might to appropriate.

  6. Robert J. Blok, Sr., D.O. FAOCA

    The liberal AOA, once again, is showing its liberal agenda. The AOA does not speak for me even though I have been an AOA member for > 40 years. “All” DOs are not concerned with the presidents immigration executive order. Many DOs voted for President Trump because we were fed up with Obamacare and his liberal adgenda. The AOA would be well served to stick with medicine and avoid politics and do not say that you speak for ALL DOs because you dont!

  7. John

    Again AOA makes an ill advised comment that represents only the two people listed above, and not the opinions of Osteopathic physicians. Party lines, when voiced by a major organization, only alianates half it’s members. Not wise…especially from a President or CEO. You two should know better. Another reason I’m no longer a member.

  8. Harriet A. Fellows, DO, FACN

    John, that is one way to look at it; another way to see this is to note that without AOA’s statement, you and I and others above would not have a platform on which to opine. Apparently, regardless of political leaning, the subject raises the virtual pens of otherwise silent or reticent members to express themselves. But then, sir, you are no longer a member. And yet, you are welcome here. Don’t you appreciate the irony?

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